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Creative Community Investment 

We Build Partnerships for the Purchase, renovation, and development of beautiful and thoughtful properties in emerging markets that cater to a diverse community who Live Work, and Play.  

A Few of Our Projects 

The Dajanique Condominiums 

Washington DC

The Provident Condominiums 

Washington DC

The Green Ember Condominiums 

Washington DC

The Oasis


College Park MD

The Markham View


Landover MD



Fort Washington MD 

Completed Projects

Advisory Services

How do we support Multifamily Owners?

We offer creative and strategic solutions to Multifamily Property Owners to add and create value, increase operating cashflows and to reduce operating and development cost. Our expertise at renovation and redevelopment can be extremely beneficial for Owners Buyers seeking value engineered remodeling strategies. We help you sell or identify equity partners to reduce your debt.


Is your property performing to its fullest potential?

Is your rate lock expiring?




How do we support Multifamily Buyers?

We identify purchase opportunities. We offer deal analysis and financial projections and strategy for value add or creation. We assist in identifying debt and equity financing. We provide redevelopment and operational management.


Is the decision you are making to purchase or not purchase your next deal the right one?


How do we support Multifamily Investors?

We create and manage investment vehicles and partnerships that offer investors the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the substantial financial returns, inflation hedge and tax shelter that real estate ownership offers, with or without your personal involvement. We offer information and the educational tools to give investors what they need to make intelligent Multifamily investment decisions.


Are you ready to invest in Multifamily real estate?

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